One of the most enjoyable things for me to do on a cold gray winter afternoon is to curl up in front of a roaring fire with my seed/garden catalogs. Here are some notes from today's venture

We are going to leave the bean pole lady where she is and try her there again. Hopefully with us being home this summer and better able to tend her she will do better even though her spot is not ideal. We are also going to try a Top Hat Blueberry bush is a pot on the deck. I am still debating a raised bed of strawberries on the driveway. We will also be trying potatoes again, this time using official seed eye potatoes. The main vegetable garden will be moved to the side of the house where it is much sunnier. I am seriously considering investing in a cold frame to help us get a good start early in the season and to help keep the puppy out.

To Order/Purchase:
Top Hat Blueberry bush
Seed potatoes -
Grape tomatoes
bean seeds ("straight n Narrow")
strawberries - only if we decide we can do the raised bed on the driveway.
dwarf citrus tree


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