Menu Planning Monday

This week's Shabbat dessert is identical to last week's since we did not get to eat it last week. I tried making it but instead of yumminess in our tummies, we got a house full of smoke and dinner out. The springform pan I used did not hold the very runny batter and created a disaster in the oven. I am going to try it again because it sounds really good. I will be using a different pan this time and hopefully will have good news to report next week.

Another experiment this week is Swim Night Dinner. After swimming, we need to eat dinner immediately because Froggy is likely to fall asleep for the night on the drive home. Yet Dad and I both are tired of the dining out option near the pool. So this week we are trying a picnic dinner at the rec center. There are harsh limitations to this idea. Froggy and I leave the house usually 10am in the morning and don't return until we home for the night. That means the picnic needs to be appetizing after sitting in the car all day.

Sunday – Potpie – using leftover chicken/Salad
Monday – Swim Night –Picnic Dinner - Salmon Pasta Salad/rolls/apples
Tuesday – Tofu Stir Fry / Rice / Keem / Steamed Broccoli - Mom has class
Wednesday – Pasta/Homemade Sauce/Salad
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Pot Roast (CrockPot) /Roasted Acorn Squash/Challah/Peas/Chocolate Decadence Cake


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