MPM - A New Start

This is the first week of our new grocery budget. I am trying to be more fiscally responsible. I planned this week's menu using leftovers and items we already had as much as possible. We are trying to eat out of our freezer and pantry where possible this month. Both the salmon and chicken are already in the freezer uncooked from previous meal purchases. Even the zucchini bread is already in the freezer.

Sun – Beef and Barley Soup (made with leftover pot roast) / Salad / Biscuits
Mon – Family Swim Night – Dinner out
Tues – Frittata and Salad - never got to last week
Wed – Marmalade Curried Chicken - I like this one because it uses marmalade rather than chutney which almost always has mango in it.
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Brown Sugar Salmon / Rice / Sugar Snap Peas

Breakfasts will be
Baked Oatmeal - This turned out so well. It is going to be a regular on our family menu
Yogurt and Fruit
Zucchini Bread
Scrambled Eggs
Carrot Pancakes

Lunches are still an issue. It is hard for me to come up with creative food I am willing to eat that do not need to be heated.

Soup and sandwich
Salmon Salad
Blackbean pinwheels


  1. Hey! I'm making Frittata too! :) The brown sugar salmon sounds delish!


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