Off to the Frigid North

The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things.
Of Ships and Shoes and Ceiling Wax of Cabbage and Kings
(Lewis Carrol)

After a long and restless night, it is time to finish loading the car and head to land of snow and cold. We are going to Boston for the long weekend. You say why would anyone go to Boston in January. Because we are crazy. We are even more crazy for driving there with Froggy. But that is where the convention is and that is where we must go.

I love Boston. We lived there for several years BF (before Froggy) and would still live there now if it were not so blasted cold. I don't even mind snow just cold. And so ofcourse when is our routine visits, January. And this year it is greeted with the coldest most frigid temperatures they have had or are likely to have all season.

Wish me luck.


  1. Enjoy!
    We spent the first week of January in Boston a few years ago after attending a Bat Mitzvah in NY. My southern kids loved it. Verrrry cold. It snowed a bit every night we were there. We trudged through the snow to public transportation every cold morning. It is a trip they refer to frequently because of the fun.

  2. Have fun! throw a snowball for me!


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