This Week at the Landing

We have finished our Letter Wall. I did not like the scramble trying to find what to do next. I also did not like the timing I was using for our holiday prep. Especially with so many holidays in February, it was getting confusing. So I decided I need to get organized. Here is the result.
I am hoping to make a post each week with the plans for the week a la Kinderweek. (Frequent readers will realize lots of my ideas and organization are inspired by Dawn)

Math - Continue number chart - this working great - we don't need anything more

Chumash - Parsha Beshalach - We will read out of the parsha book as well as do the worksheet for My Weekly Sidrah

Judaica - We have started doing Alef Celebrations. We just read the Tu B'Shevat lesson. We will do Mishpacha this week

Reading/writing - We finished our rainbow alphabet. I am not sure what the next right step is but we are going to try a letter a day using the Kumon Flash cards. This will be a very similar concept to the rainbow alphabet but smaller. Even much smaller, it is still significantly larger than regular writing practice sheets.

Monday we will celebrate Groundhog day. We will read Groundhog Gets A Say. I will have a big groundhog cutout on a stick in the yard. We will check to see if he can see his shadow. I will hang a sheet and we will do shadow dances.

Tuesday, we will bake cookies for an upcoming Valentines day party

Wednesday - Valentines day party. Cookie decorating, valentines day card exchanges and a valentines day story time

Thursday - Coop Preschool - I am teaching this week. We will be doing Tu B'Shevat activities. We will read Grandpa and Me on TuB'Shevat and A Tree is A Plant . We will make a tissue paper tree and plant parsley seeds.

Friday - In addition to preparing for Shabbat, we will have Girl Scout Cookie Delivery. It is an all day outdoor event.


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