One of my goals for in our mid-year course correction was to establish some routine, not a schedule mind you but a routine, a predictable rhythm. I wanted one for each day and one for the week. At this point I have a daily routine that seems to be working reasonable well. Here is what it looks like.

I get up usually around 6am. This is my time for a cup of coffee and whatever I need to do. I do my class work, my computer work and whatever else I need. By 7am I start breakfast and getting ready for the day.I try to be dressed and have everything ready for the day including lunches packed before Froggy gets up.

Froggy wakes up. We do Modeh Ani then get cleaned up and dressed. We do our own abbreviated form of Shacarit. Each month I will add more prayers to it as we learn them. After Shacarit is breakfast and school. Neither Froggy nor I are big fans of breakfast so it is the school stuff that makes being at the table worthwhile for her and breakfast happens to get eaten while we are there.

Right now with her so little, school is very simple yet I can see this routine carrying us through for many years. School right now consist of reading our weekly Parsha (Bible Portion), practicing writing our letter for the day, and counting on our hundreds chart. Breakfast and school together take anywhere from 15minutes to 30 minutes depending on how slow we are eating and what else we do.

So then we are ready for the rest of our day, on good days we have moved onto our plan by1oam at the latest. If we are not out of the house by 10 it is hard to ever get out. But I am still working on a rhythm for the week so we have stumbled some here. That is my next task. I will post more as it comes together.

But the day goes on, we come home prepare dinner. Have dinner with Daddy play with him a bit then get ready for bed following the well established bedtime routine and it is sleep time.

Now having gotten our rhythm all established, we are set to take a big trip this coming week. We will see how that works.


  1. I recently started getting up before my children and it has really made our days run much more smoothly. Having a rhythm to the day really helps.

  2. I enjoyed this post; for some reason I love reading others' routine even though they are so different from mine.

    Getting up and being productive before my kids are up is a constant goal for me - I rarely achieve it but when I do, oh, what a great day it is!


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