Works For Me Wednesday - Stark Bros

Well really any garden catalog. I like them all. But Stark Bros has a special place in my heart. Their catalog is well organized with the information presented in a logical easy to read format. The catalog actually gives me all the information I need to make a decision regarding which variety I want. But what really rocks my socks about this company is the quality. When these plants are planted they actually grow. And produce and let me tell you those are rare things in my experience.

We always plant a tree for Tu B'Shevat ( the birthday for the trees) which is February 9th this year. So I am really under the gun. Given where we live we can't actually plant the tree in its final home on that date but we either plant a tree for Israel by donation, plant a picture of a tree we will plant in the yard later in the year or we plant an indoor plant in a pot. This year we will be planting this little beauty. And hoping really hoping that it actually produces fruit.


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