Learning at the Landing

It has been two weeks since the last revision to our lesson plans. The changes seem to be working well. We are still enjoying our breakfast learning. Learning goes on all over the Landing all the time not just at breakfast.

Math - Continue number chart - Hitting fifty seemed to cause a stall. It needed some rejuvenation. So now we are marking on our fingers each group of ten as we count out loud. It started out of desperation but sparked something in Froggy and may in fact be helping to make sense of the higher numbers. She is now focusing on the numbers rather than just reciting quickly and can find her place if she loses visual track.

Chumash - We read out of the parsha book as well as My Weekly Sidrah. This is Froggy's favorite part of breakfast. It has caused some wonder on my part and sparked some questions that were quite challenging to answer. Explaining why it is not murder when G-d causes someone to die but it is when a person does was the most challenging.

Judaica - We have started doing Alef Celebrations. These lessons are designed for older students but Froggy is liking them immensly. She cannot write the answers or do the the drawings but she is learning and understanding the concepts.

Reading/writing - We are using the Kumon Flash cards. This will be a very similar concept to the rainbow alphabet but smaller. Even much smaller, it is still significantly larger than regular writing practice sheets. We started with a new one each day but changed to two a day. Each day I add a new one and take out the older one. So each letter gets two days and more practice. We are about half way done. Another homeschooling mom gave me the perfect idea of where to go next. I will make laminated word cards that can be traced in a similar manner and size as the Kumon cards. This will bring in the missing element of reading that I have been looking for. I will incorporate the Dolch words as much as possible. At the end of each day, the card will take their place on the learning wall. By the end of the week, we will have a sentence that she will be able to "read" at least by memory

Arts & Crafts - I am trying really hard to promote more crafts at home. I am trying to do one art project each week, tied either to our parsha or Alef Celebrations.

We spontaeously began a unit study on the solar system sparked by Going Around the Sun, Some Planetary Fun. I want to make models with her but I doubt my ability to make them in proper scale. She also got a Leapster2 game about planets and we are playing that.


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