Menu Planning Monday

This past week, life got away from me. We had to deal with illness and job issues and other bad stuff. All that is to say I fell down on the cooking job. We tried the first experiment for President's Day - an abominable lose - but never got to the other experiment or the frittata. It made this week's menu planning easier though since they are just making a comeback. Our dessert last week was an incredible hit, one of the best experimental desserts in a while.

Sunday - Dippin Sticks, Rice, Keem and Broccoli
Monday - Swim Night - Pasta Salad Picnic
Tuesday - Daddy Date Night - Mommy has class
Wednesday - Frittata, Salad, Homemade biscuits
Thursday - Leftover Buffet
Friday - Pulkogi, Rice, Keem, Challah,Steamed veggies,Carrot Cake with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese Frosting

I am also trying two new breakfast recpies

Breakfast Quinoa Cereal and another granola


  1. PULKOGI is a new one to me, but looks like it would taste great!


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