Pondering Percentages

A friend and I were talking during oneg at shul last evening. She was questioning her ability to provide Judica/Chumash studies as part of homeschooling. I told her about some of the resources I had found for Froggy and mentioned that at her age (3yr) we were doing about 75% religous studies and 25% secular studies. She seemed boggled at this and it got me thinking.

Here are my thoughts

1 - At this age most of the learning is not and should not be acedemics. It is how to live life, how to be a good person. Therefore it is appropriate that most of the learning be religious studies since those teach you the right way to live

2- Secular studies are very straightforward. This is how you draw an A. No question about it. Religious studies have much more questioning involved. There are some big ideas being presented that spark lots of thought and discussion and that takes time.

I am sure that the precentages will change as she grows and matures but the balance feels right for us now.


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