A Sunflower House

I love Sunflowers. I love gardening (not that I am very good at it). I love working with children. Combine all these and you come up with my latest project. And as of yesterday afternoon it is official. I met and received permission from the parks department. We -those families from our homeschool group who choose to participate -will be building a Sunflower House at the local park where we have our Park Day gathering. The house will have a variety of types of sunflowers as well as morning glorys to form the roof.

Our inaugural meeting is two weeks from yesterday. I have written up an entire unit study based on Sunflowers with the focus being the house that hopefully will provide a creative, engaging play space during the summer months. The basic directions for the structure and many of the initial activity ideas came from Sharon Lovejoy's book, Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots. I have investigated many gardening with children books but this is my all time favorite. Froggy and I did a couple of the projects out of here last year and will be doing some more this year in addition to the Sunflower house. I did say I love to garden.

The unit study is designed to work with all ages at their level as determined by the parents. We will do science, math, literature, art, and history. I am very excited.


  1. Dear Michelle,

    I feel so honored that Roots Shoots is your "all time favorite." It is because of feelings like yours that I keep on at this lonely task of creating books.

    I'm working on one now, which will soon be finished and published by Workman, New York. All blessings to you, sharonlovejoy.blogspot.com

  2. Dear Michelle

    I am a Canadian Landscape Architect writing a book called “The Gardening Gourmets’ (my husband is a chef and partner) about designing, growing, eating/recipes out of your own backyard. We have an edible green roof at our property (on you tube with lots of other videos related).

    I am doing a section on edible garden design and am looking for images of gardens/garden details for for this book. My editor is from Gardenwise Magazine and publishing of book is late fall 2011. Is it possible you may have some images you would be interested in allowing us to use? Of course we would give credit to you and your blog In particular I saw some images of your sun flower house which I would love to use in our children’s edible garden design section.

    I very much appreciate your consideration of my request and I can be contacted via email senga@sengadesigns.com, my website is www.sengadesigns.com if you wish to check me out beforehand.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Senga Lindsay


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