This Week at the Landing

This week besides our regularly scheduled lessons we will be celebrating TuB'Shevat on Monday. We will plant seeds, make bagel birdfeeders, have a seder and thank G-d for the trees.

We will also prepare for Valentines day by making gifts for Grandma, Grandpa, Sovta and Daddy. The grandparents will get handmade cards with a picture glued inside and decorated with foam stickers signed by Froggy herself with her newly acquired writing skills. I think it will make them smile.

I also need to find some time to make a baby quilt for a friend. Her daughter will arrive on Wednesday and the quilt has not even been started yet. I think I will start on that as soon as the guests leave tomorrow.

I also have my CASA training class. I dread the class because it is emotionally difficult. I know I am doing a good thing for a child by becoming an advocate but it does not make the training any easier.


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