Tu B'Shevat wrap up

We had a beautiful day in which to enjoy our celebration. We started at sundown and welcomed the holiday under the full moon. With the sun came our seder. We had lots of friends over to help us celebrate. Lot of non-Jewish friends because we don't have many local Jewish friends. We ate lots of fruits discussing the differences and tasting the first new fruits of the year. We drank our four cups of wine (juice) and we did crafts. With the preschool set, this is always the most fun. We made bagel birdfeeders, a very messy but ecological craft. To me it was a visible way for the children to see the importance of giving on this holiday. Most of the children took theirs home but the samples and the extras are all hanging in my backyard. With the regular feeders in the front and these in the backyard the birds are enjoying our house today.

We also planted seeds. Each child planted parsley seeds in a little yogurt cup they could take home with them. The theory is that the parsley started now will be eaten at Passover. With my luck growing plants indoors that has never worked. We planted a tree - avocado. Or we started it in a jar if you can count that.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Now onto our Valentines day prep. February is a busy busy month.


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