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My sewing machine was being very persnickety and needed a tune up. I called the repair store. They wanted between $80 and $100 to even look at it. I could not bear that thought. So I turned to my favorite place. Craigslist. I found a brand new machine for $80 that would retail for several hundred. After a few email exchanges, yes it is still available and we have an appointment to go check it out. It works wonderfully. So the end of the story is I got a new machine of better quality than my previous machine for less money than it would have taken to maybe repair my machine and someone else got cash for an item they were not using. A win all around. This is not my first venture into craigslist. I have gotten several different items there over the years and even gotten rid of a few things. THis was just my best deal ever. Check out Craigslist in your area. And check out lots of other great tips at Kristen's Works for Me Wednesday


  1. I too love Craigslist and use it for everything. I have sold more than I've bought, but that's okay. We actually sold our house on craigslist...go figure and I recently gave away our trampoline on there.

  2. I simply could not live with out craigslist. I furnished a WHOLE house for around $1500 on craigslist (like my beautiful coffee table for $5). I use it to sell things for extra money. I've gotten carpet cleaners and bug sprayer people all off there with very good results and mega savings!
    I also used it this christmas to give all my baby stuff away to a family in real need.


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