Fridays Find - Tangled Webs

Anne Bishop, one of the few authors I follow enthusiastically, has created a fascinating world with her Black Jewels series. "In the Realms of the Blood, the war has been fought, the battle has been won, and the epic tale has been told. But life goes on, so there are other challenges to face, smaller battles to be fought and other stories to tell. This is one of them." Tangled Webs is the novel so few authors write. Most authors only tell the epic tales. We as readers don't get to share in the "normal" life of the characters. In Tangled Webs, we do. I love that with this novel, we get another visit to the Realms of the Blood without Ms Bishop needing to create large complicated intrigue.

For those not familiar with the Black Jewels series, it is important to start at the beginning. There are six other books set in the Realms of the Blood starting with Daughter of the Blood and including the just released The Shadow Queen


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