Menu Planning Monday - No Mom

Our menu planning last week totally fell apart. We ended not being at home a single night all week. Menu planning only works if you are home to eat it. I did get my pasta sauce made for the freezer. And I managed to pack a proper picnic dinner for Family swim night. This week I only get to make dinner at home twice and then the Daddy has to take over. This week is what freezer meals are made for. I hope he remembers to serve veggies too. I have the menu as a reminder.

Sun – Pot Roast - Make Shepards Pie for the freezer
Mon – Swim Night - Picnic Dinner (Sandwiches, carrot sticks, melon, cookies)
Tuesday – Tofu Stir Fry Rice Keem
Wed –Mom leaves - Pasta, homemade sauce, salad.
Thursday – Preschool - Shepards pie and steamed broccoli
Friday – Parkday - Chicken Pot pie, green peas, challah, dessert with Grandparents.


  1. When our teen makes dinner he seems to "forget" the veggies.
    Tuesday is my day off and I enjoy setting some time aside to visit MPM bloggers.
    Thanks for providing some inspiration for future menu plans. Enjoy your week.


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