Our Snow Day

March definitely came in like a lion here. We do not usually have to wait until March for our first serious snow fall. Today was a great snow day. Daddy was able to stay home although he did have to work. Our "school work" is so minimal and such an integral part of our day that it happens on snow days as well. Froggy was up extraordinarily early so we were eating breakfast by 7:30 and done with both it and "school" by 8am. Daddy made a roaring fire and we each did our own thing all morning just enjoying the day.

After a yummy snow day lunch of homemade soup and sandwiches on challah, we piled on the snow clothes and ventured out doors. Froggy made snow angels and tracks while I shovelled the walk and driveway. She was very eagar though to help me spread the salt. We attempted to make a snow man but it was a dismal failure. I just could not get the snow to stick.

Finally Daddy was able to extract himself from work and join us for a trek to the sledding hill (aka the local elementary school). We took both Froggy's little purple sled and the large red sled from the days at the farm. The sledding was fantastic.Here is Froggy going down on the big sled with Daddy. It took several rides down on the big sled with each parent before Froggy was willing to try it on her own.

She loved it once she tried it though even when the sled almost tipped over.

She even wanted to try the big sled by herself but that was not to be. The whole adventure lasted about 2hours which I thought was great.

We came back in had some more warm soup and watched The Sound of Music. All in all a lovely snow day.


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