WFMW - Dry Erase Markers

One of my favorite office supplies from when I was a teacher is the dry erase markers. I loved them as a classroom teacher and now as a parent I love them even more. We use them for everything. On the fridge, on the whiteboard, as note takers everywhere. And they are best home schooling supply. For some reason they sell to Froggy in a way chalk does not even come close. I am not really suprised because it was exactly the same in my classroom with eighth graders. They have as much fun erasing as they do writing.

Every teacher and office manager is familiar with these and goes through them by the caseload every year. Because of course they are wonderful. But research has shown (and the market has responded) that little hands need thinner, shorter tool to work effectively. So Crayola made Pipsqueaks and we just finally found dry erase markers just like them. We use them with our Kumon cards. But we also use them for tracing practice of any style. Insert a design into a regular sheet proctector and viola instant dry erase card. We are starting writing whole words this week and each word will occupy one page. Froggy will get to practice writing it as many times as she wants with her dry erase markers.

To see what works for everyone else, check out all the tips at We Are That Family


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