Friday Finds - Pesach Edition

I believe that reading books about a topic help children process and understand and engage with the topic. We love to read a whole passel of books for a couple of weeks around each holiday. It helps Froggy understand the timing and cycle of the year. So without further ado here are our Friday Finds for Pesach

Pesach is Coming and Pesach is Here - by Hyman and Alice Chanover. This wonderful pair were written back in the '50s but they are timeless. In these books, Mimmy and Joel get ready for Pesach and celebrate Seder with their cute family. Everyone helps and everyone enjoys the experience.

Let My People Go - by Tilda Balsley. This was a new find for us from the PJ Library last year. We fell in love with it and now include it in our readings every year. It is a raucous, lively retelling of the Passover story. But it is more than that. It is a script with each charactors lines in a different color to make an easy production for young people. One year I would love to do it as a play as part of the Seder.

The Dinosaur on Passover
- by Diane Levin Rauchwerger. This too came to us from PJ Library last year. Froggy loves this book and what child would not. It has dinosaurs and anything with dinosaurs is much better. This book makes a great first Passover book for a little one who is not ready for the longer stories above.

The Four Questions - by Lynn Sharon Schwartz. This book asks the four questions with in both Hebrew and English as well as answers them in depth. The illustrations are exquisite and real works of art. The Hebrew is written upside down from the English and there are illustrations on each page upside down as well. The depth of color and style of the illustrations remind me of synagogue and Israel.

Lets Ask Four Questions
- by Madeline Wikler. This is very simplistic board book that introduces the four questions to a little one. If Froggy were not trying to learn the questions so that she can ask them at Seder this year, it would probably be too little to be of interest to her any more.


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