Menu Planning Monday - Passover part 2

Pesach has been a truly joyous learning and sharing experience so far. As the holiday wears on, I am trying more new recipes and tweaking previous attempts in a fruitless hope of finding foods that Froggy will enjoy besides Crispy-Os and eggs.

Recipe Review

The brisket was a huge hit. It was gone before Shabbat which is record time. Froggy ate it for breakfast and lunch on Thursday as well as breakfast again on Friday. This from a child who does not normally like beef.

The kugel was awful. It tasted water-logged and flavorless even though I used half again as much onion and seasoning as the recipe called for.

I am still having issues with baking. Daddy liked the macaroons while I thought they tasted flat and not sweet enough. I will try a new recipe with a bit more honey and more vanilla. The flourless chocolate cake was okay but still much too dry for my preferences. That may be a function of Pesach though.

The Menu
Sunday - Apple Matza Kugel for brunch and Honey Garlic Chicken for dinner
Monday - Brisket, Savory Matza Brie and salad
Tuesday - Citrus Salmon, latkes and spinach Lemon Cakes with Basil Lemon Syrup
Wednesday - Salmon Patties, Matza, fruit, macaroons
Thursday - Pesach ends at sundown - dinner out
Friday - Challah Apricot Chicken, sauteed green beans, chocolate mint truffle cake balls


  1. What a fantastic bunch of Pesadich dinners -- I enjoyed reading your meal plan! Enjoy the rest of the holiday

  2. Enjoyed reading this, and thank you for the recipes - although we're Christian, I taught the girls about Pesach a couple of Sundays ago. So interesting!


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