Menu Planning Monday - Pesach Edition

This is a fun special week for us. I am enjoying so much sharing the holidays with Froggy right now. She is at a very special stage now where she is finally old enough to understand the meaning of the holiday and have some sort of time sense. She is also old enough to meaningfully participate both in preparations and celebration.

This Pesach we are trying some new food stuffs

Monday Shepards Pie,broccoli
Tuesday - Search for the Hametz - The kitchen will get turned over today and we will have a picnic dinner on paper goods on the back porch. The outside table and grill are off limits for eating during Pesach.
Wednesday - First Seder -charoset, hard boiled eggs, Matzah ball soup, Brisket, sauted asparagus, potato kugel or carrot kishka, chocolate torte , macaroons
Thursday - Second Seder @ Shul
Friday - Shabbat - Matzah, Roast Chicken,mixed vegetable roast, baked potatoes, flourless chocolate cake
Saturday - Leftover Buffet


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog! I love your profile picture! :) I'm off to look at this recipe for flourless chocolate cake! Hmm, sounds interesting.

  2. It's so nice to see what others are planning to eat for Pesach!

    I just baked a KLP version of my favourite apple-and-nut cake - now IJust need to find some time to post the recipe to my blog. ;-)

    Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

    ~ Leah (from Chevra)


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