Pesach Additions

I am still fine tuning my Pesach kitchen. Every year I add a few more things I need to be able to make a better more pleasant homemade Pesach.

This year however the most important and most fun additions in the household are not in the kitchen but the school room. This year, we added a new haggadah for Froggy. I made it myself from a file I downloaded from Chinuch. This site is new to me and I am in love. It has so many wonderful resources like this one. For the cost of a some ink, Froggy was able to follow along at the seder and tell us what to do next. I put the individual pictures in sheet protectors and then all in a folder with center tabs. She was thrilled. Below is one page out of the book.

The second addition was a lot more work but still very successful. We made a big book which tells the Pesach story. Lots of cutting and pasting. Each "page" is actually a poster. They still need to be laminated so that they can be around for many years. Froggy liked helping me make it but it was a lot of work. In the future, I think I will take the images and print them out as 4x4s so that I can make it into a regular sized book. Here are a couple of the posters.


  1. I love your ideas here, very artistic! And so cute! Great job!

  2. This is great! I just found your blog and I love it. I converted and although my husband's family is also Jewish, they are very secular and don't do much religiously. So I am always on the look out for people who can help me find ways to make holidays (and everydays!) special with my 19 month old DS. Thanks!

  3. which chinuch website did you download that great haggadah from???? beautiful!


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