Sunday, May 3

Menu Planning Monday - Beach Prep

This is a short week as we prepare to go on vacation. We will be spending Mother's Day weekend at the beach. That is the best present I could get. Since we will be camping I need to plan and bring camp food as well. We eat out one meal a day when camping and try to keep the remaining meals real simple. We do have a camp stove but obviously can't do any baking.

Recipe Review

The chicken roll ups were a huge hit. They looked nice too. I will make them again for company. They are super easy.
  1. Roll a chicken breast around some asparagus spears and secure with string
  2. Brush with sauce*
  3. Grill for ~15 minutes
The couscous not such a win. I liked it but I was alone in that. I don't know why no one else took to it.

The popcorn chicken was also a lose. Froggy who loves all chicken nuggets turned her nose up at "Mommy's nuggets" I am not sure if it was the seasoning in the breading or the fact that the breading did not adhere well. I will try another similar recipe to see.

The Home Menu

Sun -Pizza - Never got around to it last week
Mon - Chili - from the freezer
Tues - Brown Sugar Salmon, broccoli, rice
Wed - chicken nuggets, green beans, potatoes - the hope is that leftover nuggets will come on the trip as easy finger food.

The Beach Menu
Sandwiches - cold cuts, pb&J
Hard boiled eggs
baked oatmeal - cooked at home
Salmon patties - cooked at home
Salmon pasta salad
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Lara Bars

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