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I got an early Mother's Day present thanks to Chasing Cherrios. She shared a poem prompt that she did with her daughter. It was wonderful fun to do with Froggy. Her answers were confusing at times but always sweet.

Here is her poem. The bold is the prompt. The regular text is dictated by Froggy.

My Mom

I really love it when my mom makes me happy

My mom likes to wear clothing

My mom always tells me, “Weed in my gardens”

The best thing she does is love me!

It makes her happy when she hugs me

My mom loves to relax by putting kisses on my face when I get booboos

I like it when she makes me happy

The best thing she cooks is scambled eggs

When my mom shops she likes to buy mommy snack

My mom’s favorite household chore is cleaning and baffing

My mom’s favorite TV show is Mogly

If she could go on a trip, she would go up to Boston

I love my mom because she kisses me when I am hurt

This week's edition of Works For Me Wednesday is supposed to be a themed edition but I missed that until it was too late. Check out how everyone is being frugal over at We Are That Family.


  1. how cute! I may give this a try with my daughter!


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