Our PreK Year

I just ordered the last of our curriculum for the new school year. Since we run a year round program here we just started our new Judiaca studies, Jewish Values, having finished Alef Celebrations with sadness as it missed. We will continue with our current two parsha book, restarting My First Parsha at Simchat Torah. I am not sure whether or not we will restart My Weekly Siddur probably though.

We will be using Five In a Row (FIAR) as the focus for our secular studies. We are also giving Singapore Math and Story of the World a try. Since this is our preK year* I am only testing the waters with both of these. I have yet to figure out how to add them into our daily routine but at least I know what pieces I am working with.

The current plan is to keep the morning school routine focused mostly on Judaica and add in Math only. The FIAR story will be her bedtime book with the activities placed through out the day/week according to practicallity. I have no idea what we are going to do with Story of the World. We may just pick and choose segments in a hit or miss fashion this year and do more with it the following year.

*The state disagrees with me saying that our preK year is not for yet another year since Froggy will not even be 4 on September 30th


  1. Hi Michelle, I love your website. I agree with your "PreK" disclaimer. It is up to the child if she is ready for "Pre-K", not the State to designate a specific "age". There are some who do not have the readiness even at 4yrs old. My twins just turned 4yrs old. I have been homeschooling them. They knew ABC's by 2yrs old, and all the phonetic sounds by three, capital & lowercase, counting, shapes, colors, etc. Now, they are decoding and sounding out words, writing their letters, doing simple addition, counting to 100. But, I have not had a strict or set curriculum, I have been approaching them on a natural play style level which allows them to be curious and receptive to learning on thier schedule of readiness. Now, they are at a Kindergarten level and are going into the State's Pre-K next year. I am worried they will be bored of it! I am only doing that so they can "socialize", learn classroom conduct, etc. I have Alyssa's 2nd grade materials for reading, math & social studies, and we are going to review those this summer before she gets into second grade too. I just wish I could be more organized with curriculum. I do use alot of educational websites and software for them. They love PBSKids.org, StarFall.com, etc. And, I teach them "natural" science by gardening with them and collecting specimens outdoors. I try to make it fun for them, and I think this is the key. Keep up the good work!


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