They have arrived

Cucumbers have arrived in our garden. I had been checking and checking but seeing essentially no progress is the development of the fruit. Yesterday we discovered some that were finally starting to develop some. While looking at these emerging fruit we found two beauties hidden deep under the vines that should have been picked at least a few days earlier. Now at least I know where and how to look for all my hidden gems.

For dinner last night we had a green salad with the last of our lettuce and the first of our cucumbers. We will not be buying any more cucumber from the store for the rest of the summer. As you can see, some one could not wait for dinner to sample the goodness.
We took out the remains of the lettuce and added in some additional tomato plants. We will see how they do. So far the count from the garden is

Lettuce ++
Spinach ++
Cucumbers ++
peas +
beans -
strawberries -
Potatoes ?


  1. awe! you guys are doing great! so far everything has failed here, my corn is looking promising, but it's far off from succeeding still


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