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Everyone likes to receive unexpected presents in the mail. Right? Well PJ Library sends my daughter a book every month. So not only does she get mail but she gets a new book. She gets a great book. As they say, "The PJ Library program sends Jewish-content books and music on a monthly basis to children from age six months to five, six, seven or eight years depending on the community." The selection process is rigorous. The only books we have not liked are because of our family's strange indosyncracies. PJ Library helps me finds books I would never even know exist.

This month's selection, First Gift, was so good and so sweet it made me cry as I read it. This is not the first time I have had that reaction to a PJ book. They touch a very special place in my heart. It is about our name, the first gift your parents give you. The text of the story is short and funny and sweet yet the end notes delve into Jewish naming customs and the reasons for these customs.

Last month's selection, And Shira Imagined, took us on a tour of Israel allowing us to see it through the imaginative eyes of a young girl.

The books are age appropriate with a different book list for every year.


  1. i think the PJ library is so great. does your community fully fund it or are you paying for it? i was just discussing it today with someone who asked about getting involved at our shul. they have a great list and the concept is wonderful. enjoy!!!


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