Fall Planning

One of the reasons I chose to homeschool was to help my daughter feel "normal" rather than "different" for being Jewish. We try very hard to mark time "Jewishly". That being the case our school year runs according to the Jewish calendar and starts anew with Rosh Hashana.

This is very convenient since many activities start new in the Fall with the start of the traditional school year as well. I am trying to decide what activities Froggy will participate in during the upcoming year. She will certainly continue with swimming and gymnastics. She will also start Sunday School at shul. I feel there needs to be something on a musical front but the hubby wants to add in an organized sport and I feel that four activities is just too much.

We will also be starting a nature club with our local homeschooling group. This will probably take the place of any other science curriculum for this year. I will be leading the group if it actually comes to pass. It will be very laid back and mellow but I hope each family will be able to develop a useful nature journal as part of their participation. The group will be centered around our hikes and teaching the newer the Leave No Trace philosophy as well as introducing the younger children to skills of observation and classification.


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