Food Experiments in Review

I am easily bored so I constantly trying new things. We are also still learning how to modify some of our previous favorite foods to fit into our new (ok it has been a full year now) dairy free lifestyle.

Spinach Daal - from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. Not for us even though we enjoy it greatly out. The lentils took forever to cook. Easily twice as long as the recipe indicated. The texture and color was unappetizing. I am not sure what I did different but it was not what we were expecting.

Chicken Kebobs - For some reason kebobs make any food more fun for preschoolers. I used mango chutney to marinade some boneless chicken thighs added some red bell pepper slices and onion pieces and popped them on the grill. They were a huge hit with the whole family.

Baked Stuffed Tilapia - The stuffing was flavorful but the fish had no flavor and was dry and tough even though I cooked it for less time than specified.


  1. I wonder if you used the "wrong" color lentils. How long did it say the lentils would take? If it was less than a half hour they probably should have told you red lentils. Green and brown take about the same length of cook time, but you will need to soak them if you don't want it to take forever and a day. You'd think lentils would be goof proof, but they really aren't. They're not hard by any means, but it takes some callibration, even just based on different brands and the age of the lentils themselves.
    ~Aunt petal ;)


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