Making Shabbat Meaningful

This Shabbat we had the opportunity to return to the local Chabad house. Keeping Shabbat means something different to us than it does to most who attend there. Still we enjoy going. For me personally, there are two items that make Shabbat meaningful, being with family and Jewish study. At Chabad, both Froggy and I are able to engage in Jewish learning and fellowship. Unfortunately, Hiranu is not comfortable there at all.

For the time being (ie until we find a solution that provides meaningful study and fellowship and family time) we are having family time on Erev Shabbat and Shabbat afternoon while spending Shabbat mornings learning at Chabad. Not ideal but so far a justifiable compromise. Who am I justifying things to, I hear you ask? Myself, only myself. Maybe at some point I will need to explain them to Froggy but the real person is me. Why is not ideal? Ideal would be if everyone could be together learning at the same time in the same enviroment and enjoying Shabbat together.

Still we had a very pleasant Shabbat with a morning spent is joyful learning and prayer and a peaceful afternoon spent together in quiet pleasures.


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