MPM - Home at last

After weeks of not being able to cook and eating out constantly, we are all very much looking forward to some real home cooking. The fridge is empty. The cupboards are bare. The slate is clean. We can go anywhere we want

We made a trip to the local farmers market yesterday and this week's menu will highlight some of our finds.

Monday - Baked Stuffed Tilapia, rice and green beans.
Tuesday - Chicken Kebobs, summer squash, corn on the cob
Wednesday - A new experiment from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. It is a spinach dal rendition which will be served with rice and naan.
Thursday - Pizza and a movie night. Homemade pizza (using leftover sauce) and salad. Froggy will get to pick the movie
Friday- A real Shabbat dinner at last. We will have Challah, steamed broccoli, Pot Roast, potatoes, and this lovely treat for dessert, ice cream cake. A friend gave me a cool recipe which I can use non-dairy icecream.

I am also trying to plan out breakfast/lunch/snacks better too.

Breakfasts will be
  • scrambled eggs x2
  • zucchini bread x2
  • oatmeal
  • fruit and yogurt
  • pancakes

Lunches will be


  1. Oooh, curry chicken salad sounds yummy! Great menu you've got there.

    Come by and visit me over at Free2Be Frugal.



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