One of the foods we miss terribly from before going dairy-free is ravioli. I have only found one brand ever that is totally dairy-free and it is too expensive to make a regular item. So at the urging of some friends, I tried making some from scratch using wonton wrappers in place of the pasta dough.

The filling, which really worried me more, turned out delicious. I used 1lb firm tofu instead of ricotta, 10 frozen chopped spinach thawed and drained, and 2 TBS vegan parmesan cheese (from a can).
The process of making the ravioli was interesting. Froggy had fun helping me. She even tried one of the wrappers raw. She ate the whole thing so I guess it was good. Once cooked however the wrappers were vile. They turned slimy with a texture similar to steamed dumplings. Right now ravioli are on hold here until I either find a source for premade pasta dough or am willing to try it on my own.


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