The Sweet of the Peach

Well we got a ton of peaches from a local farm. They came a bit earlier than expected.

I was going to wait until Shabbat to make Peach Crisp but I just could not hold out. Crisp is one of our favorite easy fruit desserts. It is so simple. We slice the fruit and top with an Oatmeal Crumb Topping. Bake and you are good to go. We made some lovely non-dairy peach icecream/frozen yogurt to go with it. I would share the ice cream recipe but I failed to write it down as I invented it. All this was a lovely treat during the middle of the week but left me scrambling for a dessert for Shabbat.

I still had more peaches to use but we also still had crisp sitting in the fridge.

What to do? Peach cake! No recipe? Well that is no problem any more. I remember a time not long ago when a lack of a recipe for exactly what I wanted would have scared me. No longer. Now I am free to experiment and invent in the kitchen.

The cake was simple and yummy. I used a boxed white cake mix. Instead of water I used fresh peach puree. I spread homemade peach jam and very thin fresh peach slices between the layers A nice light butter cream frosting and some more slices for decoration and dessert was ready. We served it with some of the ice cream from earlier in the week.


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