WFMW - Paper Dolls

Try telling a healthy, active 3 yr old that they must play quietly by themselves every morning for 2 hours and you are bound to run into trouble. My husband is trying to work and I am trying to care for my dying mom and together that makes it hard to properly devote the time and attention we would like to Froggy.

Enter paper dolls. Exit Stress.

I purchased this paper doll book at Michaels. The thought had been, with the help of some posterboard, contact paper and washers, to turn them into magnetic dressable dolls. That was an utter failure.

Instead I laminated dolls and clothes and simply used the "reusable stickers" provided with the book to attach the clothes.

Froggy has gotten days of quiet enjoyment out of these dolls with more yet to come. I keep them engaging by presenting her with new dolls or clothes or both from the book each day. She has never seen the book itself so she does not feel like she is missing everything by not having it all at once. At her age, I think all of it at once would be too overwhelming. Right now she has a family of 5 with three adults and two babies. There will not be any more people for awhile but there are tons of clothes still to come.


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