Menu Planning - Crockpot Love

I love my crockpot. Three out of the four meals I will cook this week get to use it. It makes my evenings so much easier. Froggy tends to get cranky and need much more of my attention later in the day. Doing all the prep work for dinner early in the day gives me the ability to provide Froggy what she needs happily.
  • Sunday - Out with Friends
  • Monday - Class for me - Homemade Pizza and salad for the gang. I will make the dough and the sauce early in the day. Then Daddy and Daughter get to dress the pizza together as their sp
  • Tuesday - Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew and Broccoli
  • Wednesday - Picnic at the Pool - We never got to the chili last week. I will reheat the chili and then pack it in the thermos. All the fixings will go in the picnic basket and we have an easy hot dinner pool side when we finish swimming. It is so much nicer than fast food on the drive home.
  • Thursday - Spaghetti, Sauce (from Monday) and Salad
  • Friday - Pot Roast, Challah, Butternut Squash with Baby Spinach -
  • Saturday - Gyros and All the Fixings


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