Menu Planning Monday - Post Houseguests

We finally have our house back to ourselves for the first time since late August. Since we are going to the granparents for Thanksgiving all I have to do work on feeding my little family for awhile.

Our freezer is a mess and I would love to defrost it but have no where to put all the food while I do so we are working on trying to eat out of the freezer while at the same time I am trying to take advantage of some holiday food sales.

Sunday - Homemade pizza
Monday - Shepards Pie and Salad (from the freezer)
Tuesday - Tofu Stir Fry/ rice / Keem
Wednesday - Pasta, Homemade Sauce, salad, garlic bread
Thursday - Brown Sugar Salmon, Rice, broccoli
Friday - PreK Shabbat Dinner at Synagogue
Saturday - Chili (from freezer), chips and salad


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