All Hanukkah All The Time

That was the theme today. We went from Hanukkah event to Hanukkah event.

Froggy wore her special Hanukkah dress. It was a gift from a wonderful friend at shul. Her mom made for her daughter who is now too big for it.
First this morning was Froggy's Hanukkah religious school class party during school time. They had sufganiot as snack as well as gelt and had a special Hanukkah edition of "Ask The Rabbi" time.

After lunch, it was off to the community Hanukkah party which was a joint effort from shul and the Jewish Day school. It was so much fun. They did an amazing job. The had crafts,games and good food. There was a tremendous turn out and it appeared all the ages had a good time. I got a chance to talk with folks I do not get to often enough.

Froggy was so enamored of the crafts that she barely even said a word to her friends. Her favorite was decorating with stickers. My favorite was the Hanukiot. It was such a simple open end-ed fire safe idea that I am amazed I had not seen it done before. Each packet contained a tile and 10 nuts- 8 for each nightly candle and 2 to make the shamash taller. The arrangement as well as the decorations were completely open. We saw lots of interesting designs. At home one could decorate with paint or other materials. We decorated with stickers.
I made this one
And Froggy made this one with a bit of help from the older girls running the station

Finally it was time to for dinner then home and more Hanukkah. We lit our brand new Hanukiot and then played dreidle. All Hanukkah All the Time All Fun

Chag Sameach.


  1. I love that craft! I'll have to remember that for next year's Hanukkah. That dress is cute too. I know that is homemade but I wish there were more Hanukkah items to buy around here. There is almost nothing to choose from.


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