Snow Day

We are getting a blizzard today and truly snowed in. We even bailed on services last night because the snow was due to start before the drive home. It is the middle of the day and we are already up to 18 inches.

We have a fire going and are enjoying some serious family time. We all bundled up and went out for a bit this morning. I did a first pass of shoveling on the driveway while Froggy and Sebastian (the puppy) played in the snow. We tried to build a snowman but the snow would not stick together enough. The temperatures are supposed to stay below freezing so we will keep trying until we get at least one made. With this much snow there is no excuse.

Sebastian loved playing in the snow but did not like getting dried with the hair dryer afterwards. He does not seem get covered when he goes out to do his business but playing caked it on there but good.

Today's snow day menu consisted of comfort foods galore!! French toast for breakfast, turkey noodle soup for lunch and Turkey Pot Pies for dinner


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