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My only New Years Resolution is to make more of the gifts I give from now on. I am not going so far as to say all but I want to do many more.

I did manage to make two different gifts for this holiday season. To set my daughter down this path, we made ornaments for all the relatives that decorate trees. I hope to make this a tradition, adding a new different kind of ornament each year so that the relatives have a memento of her growth. I made a pants outfit for the youngest cousin. The inspiration and directions came from Today's Housewife. It would have been much easier if I had made the pants but I used store bought and just added the ruffle. Next time the pants get made too. My daughter does not wear much pants so I am working on a similar idea for a dress.

The template for the applique came from Skip to My Lou. It is my new favorite template. I have down sized the lowercase letters to write words and everything.

So that is what works for me. Check out What works for others at We are that family


  1. Good for you! I made lots of gifts for my children but I didn't finish them all in time. My children hve birthdays coming soon, and I hope to get them all done in time.

  2. I just found your blog and love it! You are so talented. My 7 yodd just received her first sewing machine and is hand sewing. I, on the other hand, can only repair buttons! *sigh*
    Kelly Petrie


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