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When we first investigated homeschooling, I looked at a variety of teaching styles and curricula. I found several I liked and even one I planned to use. Luckily I did not purchase too much since much of what we do has taken on an extremely unschooly (and yes it is now a word - I say so) approach. It is what works for us.

Today's school consisted of our standard breakfast fare - the weekly parsha and sidrah as well as some pages from her workbook. A workbook I hear you cry that is not unschoolly. It is when she demanded to get it - I was trying to find her some Kumon books for cutting practice - and she picks the pages we do.

But then later we wrote letters. I was working on some email and she demanded to write a letter too. I have asked and prompted and suggested before with absolutely no results. We wrote several letters and we learned all about question marks. She dictated and I typed exactly what she said. And had to explain some strange spellings when the word on the screen did not look like what she thought it should

The first - She wanted so much to write to this family but really did not know what to say
hello Mrs. G**** and too Mister G****** hi m***** and e**** the song we were singing goes "i love you wing dum dum" It is called "Turkey Love" Sandra Boyton wrote it. She is my favorite writer. I love you too the gibson family we love being with you. love S*** and her mommy her daddy is working

She really got into the groove here

Aunt Petal and E*** What kind of food do you have? Its in the middle of Hanukkah. Love S*** And Aunt M*****. Happy Hanukkah. Too Aunt Petal and E*** Do you celebrate Hanukkah? We have wanted to go on another fieldtrip to see you and Evan's bed is cool. It has a ladder and a slide and you gotta becareful when you jump on his bed. Goodbye Aunt Petal and E***


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