Froggy went to her first professional theatrical performance today. She was feeling a bit under the weather and I seriously debated canceling but off we went and I am glad we did.

The performance was amazing. The troupe consists of three dancers / acrobats who used a variety of musical styles and acrobatic techniques to create eleven distinct and captivating numbers.

On the drive to the performance, we discussed theater etiquette and the differences between movies at home, movies at a theater and a live performance. We made a big deal of it. Going to the theater is special and we wore our dress up clothes. I am very cognizant of the change in people with the clothes they wear. It was neat to see her realize that real people would be dancing today. She was very proud of being allowed this opportunity.

Froggy was one of the youngest attendees at only four since the theater is extremely strict in their "no one under three will be admitted" policy. Yet she was as well behaved as most of the children and considerably better than others. I am proud of her for continuing to display proper behavior even when the family behind us did not. The children (approximately 4 and 8 years old) talked incessantly at a normal volume. The mom answered their comments and questions at the same volume. It reminds me of why I homeschool. Children will learn exactly what you teach them not necessarily only what you intended to teach them.


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