Laptop Lunchbox

I love our lunch boxes. Froggy's is pink and mine is purple. Froggy's is packed every single day. We sit down to breakfast at home at least most mornings. And then the rest of her food for the day until dinner time comes out of her lunch box.

A friend was complaining that her daughter wants to snack all day. Well with this lunchbox I can let Froggy and not care. Whenever she wants to eat, she can and I know she is eating a variety of healthy food. What does it matter if she has half the entree at 10am and all the fruit at noon rather than the other way around. The lunch box holds lots so she can eat out of it all day and have enough food.

For instance, today she had tunafish, carrots, dip, cut up melon and leftover scrambled egg from breakfast.

Check out what works for other families at Works for Me Wednesday


  1. I love that box and how it all fits together so neatly. Thanks for the great resource.


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