Menu Monday - Jan 24-30

Before I get to this week's challenges and goals, I want to share the joy of the past week. I tried another new recipe from this cookbook. This is the second from the same book which makes the book a keeper. We did Mahi Mahi in parchement. I am not a fan of leafy greens but cooking them in with the fish and sauce made them incredibly yummy. To me any recipe which makes veggies even better and easier to eat is a win. It is designed to be served in the parchment and be all pretty but individual servings don't work for our family so I am still working on a better presentation for this dish.

This week we are getting ready for TuB'Shevat. The grocery list is chock full of all different kinds of fruits. We are hosting a TuB'Shevat seder for little people and will have fruits in four different categories; inedible skin, inedible pit, completely edible, and seeds.

Sunday - Stirfry Rice Keem
Monday - Mom has class - Froggy gets date night with Daddy
Tuesday - Meatloaf, mashed rutabega, green beans
Wednesday -- Mom and Dad have dinner at class - Froggy gets Chicken Nuggets.
Thursday - Tacos, Salad
Erev Shabbat - Challah, Gefilte Fish, Cranberry Chicken - I use cut up chicken rather than chicken breasts., broccoli, acorn squash, Chocolate Crunch Cake

Here are our breakfasts this week.
Overnight French Toast
Scrambled Eggs and toast
Muffins and Fresh Fruit

Beef Barley Soup (leftover)
Black Beans and Rice
Chicken roll ups
PBand J


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