Menu Monday Jan31-Feb 6 and a giveaway

I love exploring in the kitchen. It is amazing stress relief to me. I have found lots of clever fun ways to help me explore without overwhelming my family or my budget. My latest adventure is claypot cooking. I have been pulling recipes from my new favorite, ClayPot Cookbook, and testing them out. The only problem is I don't have a clay (stoneware) pot to really make the best test. has kindly offered to correct that problem by send me and one lucky winner this looker. I cannot wait to give a good test drive. They have another division that sells stool. Take a look at both and tell me your favorite item to be entered. The drawing will be Sunday Feb 7th at 7pm.

Now for our menu.

Sunday - Frittata and salad
Monday- Froggy/Daddy Date night - Dinner out
Tuesday- Grilled Marinated Venison - This is our experiment for the week. A friend gave us some venison so we are being brave.
Wednesday - Mom and Dad eat at class - Mac and Cheese for Froggy
Thursday- Homemade Pasta Sauce, noodles, garlic bread and salad.
Erev Shabbat - Challah, Roast Chicken, broccoli ( I know we had it last Shabbat but it is Froggy's favorite) Roasted root veggies, peach crisp.
Saturday - Salmon Burgers


  1. I love the Corningware Creations 4 Piece Casserole Set! It would make a great addition to my adventures in the kitchen! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Your menu sound great. I've been wanting to try Salmon Burgers but I'm not that brave yet. Have a great week!

  2. I've always wanted some le creuset, so the 7 piece set in cherry would be awesome, but, then, I'd like to buy out the whole store! BTW, the stools link didn't work for me, which is kind of a bummer as I'm actually in the market for a good set of barstools

  3. I agree with Keli - the Corningware Creations does look interesting. I could always use some servingware that will go from oven to table for Shabbos!

    Enjoy the venison. I had some a long time ago at a fancy NYC restaurant and it was good!!


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