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This month we are working on the concepts involved with money. How do we do this? We play store. Why do we do this? Because Froggy wants an allowance and I feel if she is to get an allowance she needs to understand what money is and how it works.

The first time through I picked several toys from Froggy's shelves and put price tags on them.
She was given twenty five cents in a variety of coins and allowed to select her purchases. Prior to this I had introduced the different coins and their different values but only barely and with very limited success.

She made her selection and paid for it at the cashier (mom) who also helped her determine which coin she needed to use to pay for it.
She loves this game and asks for it frequently. We have graduated to starting with a single quarter and making change from that as the purchases take place. She is getting lots of practice at her subtraction as well as working on identifying the different coins and their values.

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