Rosetta Stone Check In

Ok so it has been almost a month and our jouney has been poor at best. I cannot get Daddy man to even give it a whirl. Froggy refuses to play it with me or by herself and I am having a dreadful time finding time to do it. I have completed unit 1 several times and still cannot use the words in conversation.

I am giving it a longer test but am sorely disappointed in our progress.

On a brighter note, our Hebrew is increasing dramatically. We are using many more words on a regular basis. We have added the primary colors as well as please,thank you and you're welcome. We are working on some numbers and common household items for the next pass. How did we do this when Rosetta Stone is such a failure? We did it a word at a time with words Froggy wants to learn.


  1. Hi, Michelle! (Nice to see another Jewish mom homeschooling and blogging - come visit my blog some time!)

    We tried a Rosetta Stone sampler years ago for Hebrew that we actually liked, but unfortunately it got lost. :( But somehow our kids have grown a nice Hebrew vocabulary without any programs!

  2. Can you tell me what exactly you find difficult about it? I have been on the fence about getting their free trial version. I have heard raves and rants about this program....


  3. Yael - The hardest part I am having with it is scheduling practice time. The other part is that I am not god at learning languages. If I do not use the words every day I do not remember them. I studied Spanish for 10 years in Grade school and I am still not fluent. I can get by but that is the best I ever got to.

  4. My high school kids faithfully complete their Rosetta Stone Lessons, but so far I have not heard them speak a single word in conversation.

  5. Oh, I keep looking at Rosetta - I'm thinking I'm glad I haven't invested. Happy hebrewing! :)


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