Rosetta Stone - Week 1

We finally took the plunge and invested in Rosetta Stone. The whole family will be working on it, each at their own pace. We did some testing at a display booth and supposedly even Froggy will be able to use and master it. This all assumes I can keep her interested in it.

Even if Froggy does not fall in love with the software, I will consider the experiment a success if I can master a conversational level.

The final consideration which enabled us to make the decision was that we can get a full refund for up to six months if it does not work for us.

So I look forward to sharing the journey with you over the next 26 weeks.


  1. Wow! I am so impressed. Hebrew is a beautiful language. I love the older languages. There is so much history, and Hebrew has such a strong religious and historical background. I wish you a ton of success. If it works, please let us know. I want to learn Chinese with my son. Yes, I know, but there is a very strong Chinese presence in our very small town.


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