Thinking of Spring

Getting ready for TuB'Shevat (Jan 31st this year) means getting ready for spring as well. I pull out my garden catalog and start planning my garden. What will we plant? Where will it go? Is a new exotic specie we want to try?

Every year we plant a tree on Tu B'Shevat. Unfortunately the ground is too frozen and we cannot plant outdoors on the day itself. So we plant in a container regardless of whether the tree will eventually live in the ground or not.

Last year we planted a pear tree which is still in its container. I like to leave them in the containers for a while to make sure they will grow and thrive before we go through the hassle of digging a full size tree hole in the clay soil we have here.

The Meyer Lemon tree we planted in 2008 finally bloomed and is doing much better which makes me feel safe enough to try another indoor/patio dwarf tree.

This year we are getting a Dwarf Venous Orange Tree I am actually on the ball enough this year that I can order our tree to plant. We will either order from here or here

I also sent out the invites to our TuB'Shevat seder. I think we probably have about 8-12 preschool/elementary kids this year.


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