WFMW - Ripping

This week at Work for me Wednesday is Backwards Wednesday so I get to ask you a question - What are your favorite games to play with your children?

We are always on the look out for fun ways to help develop fine motor skills and increase finger strength as a preparatory step for writing.

One activity we just discovered the joys of is ripping.

I thought that ripping in and of itself would not be sufficiently interesting so I designed an art project to give to Daddy. I set Froggy with some leftover pieces of construction paper and asked her to make them as small as she could putting each color set in its own dish. She sat happily ripping into tiny pieces for quite some time.

The idea was to then make an autumn tree. As you can see the ripping was a huge success but the tree itself did not get done.


  1. My son is older now, so it's hard for me to think of games! Thinking back to preschool days though - lacing was fun. You could cut out shapes from construction paper, punch holes around the edges and lace up with yarn. In fact, my son cut out heart shapes and laced them up one year to hold valentines.

  2. hmmm for toddlers, seperating items via color? It has been a long time.


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