Hebrew - Living it.

We are officially returning Rosetta Stone. We gave it a really good try but it is just not working for us. That does not mean I am giving up on learning Hebrew. We are taking a more natural approach now, an approach which is more similar to our approach to other subjects.

We are going back to baby steps and learning Hebrew more the way Froggy learned English. It is not as fast because I cannot learn and use the words as quickly but it is working.

For the month of March we are focusing on colors. I have written the more common colors in Hebrew in the relevant color on big cards and put them on our learning wall just like I put up our early sight words. Randomly through the week, Froggy will ask me about them and we will say them.

But more importantly we are incorporating the new words into our everyday speech. When mention a color I try very hard to use the Hebrew name for it rather than the English name. I can do this now with 3-4 more colors than we were able to at the beginning of the month. We still have a couple on the wall that have not been internalized yet but I am sure will be by the end of the month.
Here you can see the Hebrew labels. We were doing a graphing activity that was supposed to be done in February but we did not get to then.

Next month we will do body parts and label a big picture of her that I will tape to the door.

As an added bonus to this Froggy is learning better pronunciation in English as Hebrew. She knows her Hebrew letters so when seeing the Chet on the wall in the beginning of Choom (please pardon the transliteration. I have not found a Hebrew font that works right yet) we were able to work on what it feel like to say it and how it feels and sounds different in the throat than Hay. We are working on a similar skill in English with 's' and 'sh'


  1. I don't blame you for returning it. Haven't tried it, but it looks quite structured.

    Our Hebrew is very informal, and one thing that is working well is reading the same easy kids' book in English and Hebrew.

    You probably don't have the same library resources near you, but you can buy some books online. The Very Hungry Caterpillar might be good to start with, or something else which is basic, repetitive and familiar.

    We are now currently our way through Frog and Toad Together. :-)

  2. That's too bad that Rosetta Stone hasn't worked for you. We were thinking of trying it when K turns 5 but I have my reservations also since I've seen bad reviews. It costs so much, you would think it would work!

    Good for you that you are continuing to teach a second language. I know how challenging it can be but I believe every little bit will help shape their understanding of languages! Best of luck and looking to hear about your progress.

    I'm trying to debate whether to put your post under graphing or Valentine's Day math or something else...do you mind retitling it on the links?


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